5 Tips for Preparing for the ACT

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Right next to the SAT, the ACT is one of the primary college entrance exams that universities use to evaluate potential incoming students. Likewise, it is vital that you develop an effective strategy to conquer the ACT. Today, you will learn five tips that have helped thousands of high school students achieve their dream ACT score.

5. Identify Your Weak Points

The only way that you’ll get better at the ACT is by identifying your weak points and working to improve them. There are four sections on the ACT – English, Math, Reading, and Science. If you’re not quite sure which of these sections gives you the most difficulty, you can take a diagnostic test to determine your strong points and weaker areas.

4. Create A Study Schedule

Many high school students approach the ACT like they would any other test – by cramming material last second. However, students who use this method rarely succeed. Instead, it is important to create a one to two-month study schedule for yourself. The University of North Carolina offers a few excellent tips for how to study effectively for any test. This will help you stay on top of the ACT and achieve an excellent score.

3. Know Why You Answered Questions Incorrectly

When you’re prepping for the ACT, it’s not good enough to miss a question and move right on to the next question. Rather, it is vital that you understand the reason that you missed that question. If possible, try to find similar practice problems to the ones that you missed. If you continue to practice your weaknesses, they will soon turn into strengths.

2. Take Multiple Practice Tests

Many students struggle with taking the ACT because they never take a practice test to simulate the actual feeling of taking the test. Taking practice exams helps you gain a sense of the types of questions you should expect on the real ACT, builds your endurance, and shows you areas for improvement. Here are a few additional benefits of taking practice tests.

1. Be Confident In Yourself

With so much riding on this one test, it can be easy to become anxious and lose confidence in yourself. However, know that regardless of the result, you can take pride in yourself knowing that you have put your maximum effort into succeeding on the ACT.

There’s no sugarcoating it, the ACT is a difficult test that will test your critical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and endurance. However, these tips should give you some insight into the strategies that will help you prepare for the ACT. Each of these tips have consistently proven to help students achieve higher ACT scores.

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