5 Ways to Keep Fundraising Fun at School

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If your school is like most, then there are times when you need to raise extra funds. The money could be used for new athletic uniforms, school supplies, or to sponsor a trip. A fundraiser is an easy way to bring a lot of money into the school, but it should be one that’s fun for students and adults so that more people want to donate money.

1. Carnivals
Set aside a day to set up a carnival so that students, teachers, parents, and the community can have fun. From rides to games and food, there are several things that you can have at a carnival that can earn quite a bit of money, especially if the carnival is held for an entire day. Depending on how much money you need to raise, you can charge a one-time admission fee along with the purchase of food or sell tickets for each ride and game.

2. Movie Day
Most students enjoy getting out of class to watch a movie or play games. Your school could show a movie for each grade level in different classrooms. Place pillows or sleeping bags on the floor for students to sit on to make it a fun environment. Children would purchase a ticket for the movie and could then purchase concessions, such as popcorn, a drink, or candy. This is a fun way to raise money and for students to get out of class for a few hours.

3. Haunted Adventures
When the Halloween season comes around, create a haunted house that stands out from others in your community. Decorate hallways with different themes, designing some that are kid-friendly for younger children. You could also have games and treat stands where visitors can purchase Halloween snacks. An idea would be to let students pay to walk through the house during the day before their parents walk through it at night. The evening hours would be when guests play games as well.

4. Clothing Drives
From prom dresses to clothes that students might not need, a drive where students can donate and then buy what they want is an idea for older students. You can organize the clothes by size, season, or event. This is a way for the school to make money and for families who might not have a lot of money to purchase clothing for their children.

5. Auctions For Chores
Teachers and parents gather together in the gym or the library to bid on chores that students will complete. Some of the tasks could include cleaning the boards in the classrooms or sweeping the sidewalks. The auction raises money and gets kids involved in taking care of the school and a few chores at home.

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