6 First Date Topics that are Strictly Off Limits

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Dating can be one of the most stressful activities a person engages over his lifetime. Despite the stress involved, a first date can lead to a good time, socialization and sometimes a future spouse. Recent statistics from the online dating industry have reported more than $2 billion in earnings each year, with a good portion of that money coming from people who continually burn out or misfire on the first date. Here are six conversation topics to avoid in order to keep a first date from becoming a last date.


1. Money and Personal Possessions.

Your money is your business. Revealing your earnings runs the potential of scaring your date by a financial inequity or might encourage the date to treat you like an ATM. If you want your date to know you are well off, it is far better to show it than to read off a list of your possessions.

2. Politics.

Politics is a dead fish in the waters of dating. Bringing up politics runs a huge risk of getting into an argument that may become so loud that random passersby may join in.

3. Religion.

The discussion of religious beliefs can quickly lead to violent arguments. Unless you cannot stand being affiliated with people belonging to a specific religion, save the spiritual discussions for a date down the line.

4. Previous Relationships.

Despite being such an obviously verboten topic of discussion, some people still make the mistake of bringing up their past experience. Talking about past experiences kills a good amount of the uniqueness of the first date and can filter the rest of the night with an unpleasant feeling of mental comparison. Talk positive about a previous person and your date may feel inadequate; talk negatively about a previous person and your date may feel like they are being used as some mental revenge against the other party. An adult knows when a relationship has run its course and knows that retreading thoughts on that relationship will lead nowhere.

5. Sex.

The moment that you bring up the idea of sexual activity is the moment you raise the stakes to a potentially uncomfortable level for your date. The more you discuss previous sexual antics, the more likely your date will think that you fully plan on adding to your repertoire at the end of the date.

6. Marriage.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, marriage should be one of the last things on your mind on the first date. Bringing up interest in marriage or even wanting to have children can really bury the lead and cast a pall over the rest of the date. Save talking about marriage or children for many dates down the line, after you have known the person for months or years.

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