6 Reasons Adults Also Need Braces

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Braces are often considered a rite of passage for adolescents. Young teenagers bemoan having to wear them and get adjustments, but they revel in the results after braces are removed. Oral alignment can change as people age, and this can lead to adults needing braces if those changes interfere with oral health. Reasons adults need braces will vary from person-to-person, but you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not just about crooked teeth.

To Fix Crowding

Crowding teeth doesn’t necessarily lead to tooth irregularities, otherwise known as crooked teeth, but it does cause numerous issues with oral health. Crowding makes it difficult to clean between the teeth, and that leads to cavities and decay. Teeth can be so crowded that even a water-jet oral flosser can’t get between the teeth.

Malocclusion Or Bad Bite

When someone has a bad bite, teeth don’t align properly because the jaw is offset. Even if it is only a slightly off bite, it is enough to cause difficulties with eating. People who have a bad bite chew differently, and this can cause wear and tear on teeth and the jaw itself. Facial pain is sometimes connected to malocclusion, and it requires orthodontics to fix.

Cosmetic Changes

Adults who have cosmetic issues with their teeth may also need braces to restore self esteem. Needing braces a second time isn’t fun, but it happens quite often. Removing retainers too soon and not following through with complete care for braces as a teenager can lead to the teeth moving and creating new irregularities.

Sleep Apnea

Difficulties with sleep apnea can be worsened or even caused by oral issues. It is a condition where people intermittently stop breathing in their sleep. Heavy snoring is a trademark. When people have chronically poor sleep, enlargement of the tongue, weakening muscles in the face and enlarged tonsils can occur. Sleep apnea is destructive to your health, but orthodontic care can treat sleep apnea. Out of all of the reasons adults need braces, this is one of the more serious issues that demands urgent consultation with an orthodontist.

Chronic Tooth Grinding

Grinding your teeth is damaging and can quickly lead to oral complications like infections, needing a root canal, tooth decay and so much more. If you have a chronic issues with grinding in your sleep, you may need braces to correct your alignment and improve oral health.

Speech Impediments

While most people are diagnosed with speech issues in childhood, speech impediments can occur later in life and lead to needing braces as an adult. An orthodontist with specialization in speech can help.

Not Always Cosmetic

Adults may need braces for a number of reasons that aren’t cosmetic, and acting quickly to correct dental issues before they worsen other medical problems is a necessity.

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