7 Tips for Getting Your Business on Amazon

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Most businesses, especially ecommerce businesses, want to make sales through Amazon. The online retail giant is a behemoth to compete against directly, but can significantly increase your sales through their platform. Here are seven tips that can get your business on Amazon.

1. Understand The Rules 

Amazon has a lot of rules of what can and cannot be sold on their site. Certain items, such as DVDs and Blu-Rays, have special seller requirements. Amazon requires sellers to adhere to their return policy and much of the entire process is automated. You will need to follow their rules to have a presence on their platform.

2. Add Your Products 

If your business makes products, you will need to add them to Amazon’s database. Before you do, make sure any product is not already listed. You will need to follow the procedure for adding an item to Amazon’s catalog. When adding a new product, use high quality images and write detailed product descriptions.

3. Leverage Affiliate Business 

Another way to get your business on Amazon is indirectly by utilizing affiliate links on your outside site. This is typically a blog, especially one that reviews or recommends products for a certain niche. When a reader clicks on that link and buys the product, you earn a commission from the sale.

4. Utilize Amazon Advertising 

Once you have products on Amazon, you can promote them with Amazon’s advertising services. Effective marketing is key to spreading the word about your products and attracting customers to the Amazon listing where they can buy them. You can utilize outside advertising sources, such as Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising, as additional sources of traffic.

5. Practice Good Customer Service 

Even though much of the sales process is automated and in many cases you will never interact directly with your Amazon customers, you should still be prepared to practice top notch customer service to prevent bad reviews, which can tank your business. A customer may have an issue with a product or need to make a return. Get back to them quickly and do what you can to make the problem right.

6. Publish Books 

Amazon is a major online publishing platform for both ebooks and print books. They have a very easy-to-use interface that allows you to create or upload your own cover and formatted manuscript. Independent authors, businesses and other professionals can easily publish books on the platform to grow their brand, offer advice and be an independent author.

7. You Can Sell Handmade Items Too 

Handmade items used to be off-limits on Amazon, but that is no longer true. With the launch of Amazon Handmade, small artisans can get their handmade products onto the retail giant as well. You can get your products fulfilled by Amazon, giving you more time to work on producing your goods.

Getting your business onto Amazon can take some work, but the effort is well worth it. Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world and makes it easier for customers to discover your products. As long as you can accept lower profit margins, Amazon is a smart place to grow your business.

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