5 Truths to Understand about Working Out in a Gym

If you don’t have a place to work out at home and you’re not interested in playing sports or going outside for exercise, joining a gym is the next best thing. Just make sure that you know the following truths about working out in a gym before you sign up for a membership.

1. To make it worth your while, you’ve got to make sure to go to your gym at least twice a week.

Paying for a gym membership can be expensive. If you use your gym regularly, however, you’ll be making good use of this investment. Just make sure that you go at least twice a week.

2. Many gyms have group classes that members don’t know about.

Check with the gym where you have your membership to see if group classes are available. Often, gym goers are unaware of group classes that are offered through their health clubs. These classes are sometimes free, which can be great. But even if they’re not, you can usually get a discount if you’re a member of the gym.

3. Early mornings and around dinner time are the best times to go to the gym.

If you’d like to go to your gym when there aren’t many people there, there are two good times to go. Early mornings are usually a great time to go to the gym because not many people are even awake at that time. Furthermore, dinnertime can mean an empty gym as well as most nighttime gym goers will go either right after work or late at night.

4. You should bring a towel with you, and protect yourself from germs.

It is true that gyms are sometimes not exactly clean places. People sweat heavily at gyms, which means that germs and bacteria are easily spread. In order to combat this, it’s a good idea to always bring a towel and hand sanitizer with you to the gym. Furthermore, always wipe down the machines that you use before using them.

5. The gym is a great place to meet someone if you’re single.

Finally, if you’re a single gym goer, remember that the gym is an amazing place to meet someone. Not only will you know that the people who are there are at least relatively healthy, but you’ll also know that they’re dedicated to something, which can be good in a potential relationship.

If you’re considering joining a gym in your area, this can be a great move for your health. And if you go regularly, you will start to see results in no time. Simply make sure to consider the facts above when you go, and always choose a gym with a good reputation.

6 Tips for Incorporating Diversity Among Your Company’s Employees

Companies are most successful when they embrace and learn from different viewpoints. We live in an increasingly global marketplace – our world is shrinking. Successful leaders know that a diverse workforce is key to long-term success. Following are six steps you can take to promote diversity among your employees.

Broaden Your Talent Search
There are more talent pools that students coming straight out of a university or job seekers who post their resumes online in hopes of getting noticed. Consider recruiting veterans or enlist the help of non-profits such as the Urban League or the National Council of La Raza. Local churches, non profits and other community-based organizations also can serve as excellent sources for top-notch talent.

Be a Good Neighbor
Encourage employees to get involved with community organizations that promote diversity and inclusion. Employees can develop necessary leadership skills by volunteering and serving on local non-profit boards, your community will grow stronger and your employees will develop more meaningful work relationships while improving the lives of others.

Implement Good Policies and Benefits
Increasingly, companies are learning that today’s workforce doesn’t fit into the same cookie-cutter benefits package, so take a look at what you’re offering, and how you could better adapt to the needs of modern workers. For example, could you offer flex hours to attract more working moms? Could you allow time off for religious holidays outside the traditional? Could you offer on-site childcare, or is there a local childcare facility you could partner with to offer discounted rates for your employees? Today’s’ benefits policies and programs require outside-the-box thinking.

Require Training
It is important to reinforce your commitment to diversity and ensure that your employees are equally committed to an inclusive work environment. Periodically, review your diversity initiatives and implement training programs that support your objectives. Your training needs may differ, but employees should learn conflict resolution skills, respecting the rights and views of others within the company and how to further develop a diversity-conscious mindset.

Make It Fun
Schedule an afternoon for a potluck, and encourage employees to bring dishes from their home country. They could dress in traditional garb, and discuss the traditions and history of their culture. These on-the-job networking opportunities allow employees to spend time and learn about one another in a more causal, relaxed setting. Bonus: They’re likely to learn something they didn’t know, and you’ll be recognized as someone who promotes an inclusive work environment.

Lead From The Top
Educate yourself. Learn about your employees’ cultures, the global events that have shaped them and the challenges they face. Remember that diversity isn’t just about where we come from, but what we’ve experienced. Treat others not just how you would want to be treated, but how they want to be treated. When in doubt, ask, and when you make a mistake, apologize.

Embrace the diversity your colleagues and employees bring to the table, and you will be able to provide a welcoming work environment for all.

How-to Correctly Take a Supplement Pill

If you take dietary supplements on a regular basis, you may like some advice for learning how to make this process easier. In addition to daily medications, daily supplement pills can be numerous. And especially if you have a lot of pills to take each day, you might be interested in some tricks to make the process a bit easier. Check out these tips for taking daily supplement pills.

Use the soda bottle method.

Do you have trouble taking dietary supplement pills? If you have large pills to take or a lot of pills to take or if you have trouble taking any kind of pill, you might try the soda bottle method. This is the correct way to take a supplement pill of any kind.

This method of taking a pill involves filling a soda pop bottle with water or using a water bottle. You will simply place the supplemental pill on your tongue, wrap your mouth around the opening of the soda bottle or water bottle and tip back some of the water into your mouth. Swallow the water as you usually would, and you will swallow the pill without even noticing it.

1. Choose liquid gel over hard tablets and capsules.

Some tablets and capsules can be difficult to take because they aggravate your throat. If this is the case for you, consider switching to liquid gel tabs. These are softer and easier on your throat.

2. Take your supplement pills with food.

Certain supplement pills can be troublesome for an uneasy stomach. If you tend to get an uneasy stomach when you take supplements, it’s best to take those supplements with some food. You don’t have to eat an entire meal, but at least three or four plain crackers or pretzels will help ease your stomach when taking a dietary supplement.

3. Drink at least 8 ounces of water or another liquid with your supplement pills.

Water is always a good thing to drink, and it’s a good idea to drink at least 8 ounces of water when you take any type of supplement pill to help it absorb better in your stomach as well. If you don’t want to drink plain water, you can always drink carbonated water or any other kind of liquid as long as it’s not hot.

Taking regular supplements in order to achieve optimal nutrients and vitamins that you don’t otherwise get in your diet is important. Vegetarians and vegans should also take care to supplement their diets with iron and vitamin B12. With that being said, you should always talk to your doctor or healthcare practitioner before taking any type of dietary supplement or vitamin.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Cigars

Becoming an experienced cigar aficionado is generally not a fast process, but it is a wonderful one. Beginners tend to make the same mistakes, and while making mistakes is part of that process, there are at least six things you can avoid when purchasing cigars to make your experience more enjoyable.

1. Avoid Associating Quality with Cost

Many people who’ve purchased Cuban cigars over the years can attest that high costs and limited accessibility don’t necessarily translate to a great smoke. Perhaps the biggest mistake new cigar smokers make is not being willing to sample the bargains available at their local shop. Take chances, and know that throwing away a cheap cigar from time to time is well worth the experience you’ll gain.

2. Avoid Buying New Experiences in Bulk
As a cigar smoker, there’s perhaps nothing more frustrating than having an entire box of a cigars you don’t like. Sure, you can give them away, but better yet, avoid that beginner mistake in the first place. Better to miss out on a great deal than to waste your budget on a box you have to slog through.

3. Avoid Manhandling the Product

Respect the cigar shop owner and your fellow consumer. Beginners usually don’t mean to be disrespectful but can be by pinching a cigar too hard or shoving it into their noses to smell. Think about how you want someone to handle a cigar you’ll purchase, and then, act accordingly.

4. Be Willing to Ask for Advice

Cigar smokers are a community that usually welcomes the chances to educate new smokers. Browsing a cigar shop is an experience, and salespeople are likely to respect your space in this kind of environment. That doesn’t mean they’re not willing to help. If you’re new, a great way to ask for help is to tell them what you’ve tried, what you’ve liked and that you want to broaden your horizons in the cigar world.

5. Avoid Cigars That Aren’t Fresh

Buy cigars from shops that have humidors and care about the product they sell. Eventually, you’ll be fortunate to be a regular at a shop you know and trust. Be mindful that even the best shops can have a bad batch. To test a cigar, check wrapper and binder tenderness by pinching lightly between your thumb and forefinger.

6. Avoid Choosing Cigars That Are Too Long or Too Short

Many beginners don’t think about the relationship between cigar size and time commitment. You can enjoy a large cigar on a lazy Sunday but will probably need something much more modest on your lunch break. It’s always a good idea to purchase various sizes so that you can choose the right cigar for the moment.

5 Tips College Students Need to Know About Credit Card Interest

In many cases, an individual’s struggle with debt begins in college. Credit card companies often place credit card offers in strategic college locations and mail college students credit card offers. Students jump at the opportunity to get a credit card for various reasons. Some want access to extra spending money. Others need to pay for textbooks and other items, and still others want to work on building a great credit rating. Before you sign up for a new credit card, it is important that you understand how credit card interest works.

Interest Rates Can Change
Many people who are new to credit cards fail to realize that interest rates are not locked in. Many credit card companies offer a low introductory rate, and this can entice you to open a new account. At the end of the initial term, however, the rate can jump. This will cause your monthly debt payment to jump as well.

Interest May Not Accrue Immediately on New Purchases
If you are using credit cards to make frequent purchases, you may be pleased to learn that interest may not always accrue on new purchases immediately. Some credit card companies have a grace period of a few weeks. If you pay your balance off in full before interest accrues, you can avoid paying interest charges.

Debt Is Established on a Revolving Term
Credit card debt has a revolving term. This is unlike a fixed term, with which the debt will be entirely repaid at the end of the fixed loan period. Revolving debt can take long years or even decades to pay off because of the revolving term status.

Better Interest Rate Offers May Be Available
When comparing credit card offers, pay attention to the initial introductory rate as well as what the rate will adjust to after this period expires. Better rates may be available with other offers. Therefore, compare both the starting and adjusted rates when making a decision. It can also be wise to look at the highest possible rate on the debt. If you fail to make even a single payment on time, some creditors will bump your rate up to the highest possible level.

Interest Can Make Debt Balances Challenging to Pay Off
The interest charges on credit card debt can make this debt difficult to pay off. In some cases, you may find that your interest charges are a few hundred dollars per month. With each payment, a large portion of your payment is applied to interest rather than to debt reduction.

Credit cards can be beneficial when properly used. However, it is best to research the offers carefully to find the best deal available. In addition, you should take every effort to pay balances off in full each month to avoid falling deep into debt.