Hardwood versus Carpet

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Putting in carpet or hardwood floors is pretty much up to the each person as they are quite different flooring options. They each have their pros and cons which you will want to consider. Take a look below and maybe the information will help you make your decision.


Ø Carpet vs Hardwood Floors:


  • Cost – Carpet is less expensive than hardwood floors so it is better for your budget. Hardwood floors are more expensive because they last longer and are high end. Hardwood floors will also increase the value of your home.
  • Cleanliness and Care – Carpet is harder to clean and hides more dirt but hardwood takes longer to clean but it will end up being cleaner than carpet.
  • Sustainability – Most carpet is made with petroleum so it is not environmentally friendly. Hardwood floors are environmentally friendly and natural.
  • Safety – Carpet is softer and has more cushion to it, so it is safer if you have a fall. With hardwood you will be hitting a harder surface.
  • Appearance – Carpet has many colors and has the look of comfort. Hardwood floors will give your home a high end look.
  • Durability – Needs to be replaced sooner than hardwood. The fibers in the carpet will degrade with use but hardwood floors last a long time if taken care of.
  • Comfort – Carpet is softer and warmer on your feet whereas hardwood is colder.
  • Noise reduction – Carpet is quieter because you are stepping on something soft and hardwood can creak and will amplify noise.
  • Installing – Carpet is easier and faster to install. You have to acclimate the wood, cut the pieces of hardwood, nail it down, stain it and put a finishing sealer on it which takes more time. Carpet can be put down over just about any subfloor but hardwood floors need to have a nice even surface.

As long as carpet has been around, it is still the choice of the older generations and some of the new generations. It makes a room look more comfy and cozy which will always entice some people to buy. Hardwood floors have become the flooring for the people who like a high end look that doesn’t retain a lot of dirt so it is a cleaner look. To really keep it clean it has to be done every day which makes some people think twice before buying and will lean toward carpet. There are pros and cons for both, so go with what is best for you.

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