How Changing Your Oil regularly Saves You Money

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Car ownership is a significant financial investment. Tires, brakes, hoses, and unexpected breakdowns are some of the hefty expenses you can face. What is the most critical maintenance item that you can perform for your vehicle? Oil changes are a simple and effective way to keep more money in your pocket during the lifespan of your car.

Lubricates Engine

Think of all of the moving parts that move at high speed under the hood of your car. Oil is like blood in the human body, and you will prevent a costly breakdown by ensuring these pieces are lubricated. Check your owner’s manual to determine if regular or synthetic oil is preferred for your engine.

Improves Gas Mileage

Clean engine oil will make your trips to the gas pump less frequent. Sludgy oil does not move as effectively through your engine, causing it to run hotter and less efficient. Friction caused by dirt and buildup will strip your car of horsepower and fuel economy.

Increases Your Vehicle Lifespan

Many cars can run well over the 200 thousand mile mark if they are well-maintained. Fresh oil will prevent your engine from costly breakdowns. Your vehicle will most likely be paid off once you hit the higher mileage milestones, and every month that you do not have a car payment means more money that stays in your pocket.

Fewer Exhaust Emissions

Many states require a yearly emissions test to be allowed to drive on the road. You’ll spend a lot of money on repairs or a new vehicle if your car does not meet the required standards.


Oil changes are part of a regular maintenance schedule to keep your car’s warranty valid. Some car manufacturers offer warranties that can last up to a decade. Voided warranties can end up costing you thousands of dollars for any problems that arise.

Resale Value

Even well-maintained cars will eventually need to be sold. You can maximize your profit by scheduling regular oil changes. Potential buyers or dealers will give you a more generous offer if the car is kept in good shape.

Regular oil changes should not be overlooked. Sometimes oil changes can be a nuisance, but they are worthwhile to keep your car performing at the highest level. At an average cost of around 30 dollars, oil changes are a foolproof way to protect your investment.

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