How to Prepare for Eye Surgery

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Having any type of surgery is a big deal, but some people are especially weary of eye surgery. Fortunately, most surgical procedures for the eyes are safe. When you schedule the procedure, your optometrist and the staff in their office will provide you with detailed instructions about what you can and cannot do. Take a look at the information below for insights on how to prepare.

Don’t Wear Any Eye Makeup

When getting ready for eye surgery, you need to avoid all eye makeup. In fact, it’s best if you don’t wear any for at least a day before the surgery. It’s because you need to make sure there is no debris on your eyelashes or anywhere else. The longer you go without wearing eye makeup before the surgery the better off you’ll be.

Stop Wearing Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses can be taxing on your eyes. Even if you wear lenses marketed as soft, they will still change the shape of each cornea. This is why you shouldn’t wear them for about a week before the surgery. There are some types of contact lenses that shouldn’t be worn for several weeks before eye surgery. Your optometrist will confirm when you need to stop wearing them based on your situation. It’s best to wear glasses because they are not touching your eyes and don’t have the same impact.

Don’t Wear Creams on Your Face

Beautification is a multibillion dollar industry around the world. There are creams and lotions for just about any problem you have with your face. It’s estimated that women use more than a dozen facial products daily. It’s best to avoid using products on your face at all before eye surgery because it’s easy for creams to get into your eyes.

Schedule a Ride Home

An important part of preparing for eye surgery is making sure you have a ride home after the procedure. Even if it’s a minor outpatient surgery, you won’t be able to drive yourself home. While it’s probably fine to have a car service take you home, it’s often best if you get a friend or family member to help. They can wait for you during the procedure and make sure you arrive home safely.

In addition to everything already listed, you should make absolutely sure your doctor is aware of any medical conditions that you might have. There are some conditions that can seriously impact eye surgery and you don’t want to put your eyesight in danger. You should also disclose information about any medications you’re taking.

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