How Updating Your Windows and Doors Can Save You Money

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A common home improvement project is replacing windows and doors. These upgrades are often made for cosmetic purposes, and they truly do improve the look of the home. New windows and doors eliminate the peeling paint, cracked panes, and other unsightly parts of the old ones. However, there are also some money-saving reasons for replacing windows and doors. Here are some examples of how these projects can give you a return on their investment.

Improved Energy Efficiency
Old windows and doors have typically shrunk, warped, cracked, or otherwise changed shape since installation. They may also have been less energy-efficient in the first place, even when they were newly installed. Replacing those drafty windows and doors can yield real financial benefits when your energy bills arrive, especially in the extremes of winter and summer weather. Learn about energy performance ratings for windows and doors and how they can put more money in your pocket.

Easier Cleaning
There are few home chores as challenging and unpopular as cleaning windows. For single-story homes, the process is a little easier, but modern designs feature multiple levels with large windows. Climbing onto ladders or the roof to try to clean exterior panes is dangerous for anyone, and in the case of senior citizens or others with mobility limitations, it’s physically impossible for some homeowners. New windows that tilt in for cleaning will make it much easier to clean the windows yourself, saving you the money of hiring a contractor to do the work for you.

Better Security
With few exceptions, every home burglar gains access to the interior by way of a door or window. The weaker these lines of defense are, the easier it is for the intruder to get in. Older windows and doors may have deteriorating structures that weaken locks and bolts, making it easier for a thief to get through. Upgrading to new ones will give you tighter closures, stronger materials, and the option to include smart locks that will add extra layers of security to help prevent a costly robbery.

The windows and doors of a home have the unique role of providing both beauty and functionality to the house. As they age, their performance in both areas can decline, leaving the home more expensive to maintain and less attractive to view. With an upgrade, you can restore the beauty of a new home, reduce the cost of climate control in the house, save money on window cleaning, and deter burglars who could do costly damage in the process of stealing your belongings.

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