The Increase of Women Relocating for Careers

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There are more opportunities to advance in many career fields today than ever before. In some instances, these career opportunities involve relocating outside of your city or state. Women have found that this process is one way to fast-track their professional trajectories. This may even be a way to gain additional experience and take on leadership roles within a company.

According to Huff Post, it is important for employees to not only weigh the benefits of these moves but their challenges, as well. Back in 2012, there were 36.5M American relocations as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau. Today that number has increased quite significantly for men and women. There is no set description for these workers, but their goals are common as it relates to their overall careers.

Here are 4 Reasons Women are Relocating for Careers:

1 – Being Close to Primary Clients

It doesn’t matter whether your primary clients are in another state or country. Being in close proximity to them has led to an increase in women relocating. Crown Relocations shared a Melbourne University poll that found that 70% of women were interested in overseas relocations. These allowed them to meet regularly with clients, as well as, acquire expansion projects for their companies.

2 – Reducing Operating Costs

Studies have shown that it costs approximately $14K per month to rent office space in NYC. This is a budgetary problem for new businesses especially. It is possible to significantly reduce these costs by simply relocating to another area. Women business owners often utilize this opportunity to grow their operations at a savings.

3 – Building the Brand

Many companies need to find ways to successfully build their brands for the future. Having more than one office or headquarters can do this. Women may decide to participate in these moves to help with brand establishment. Once relocation takes place there is a lot of work necessary to gain clients. Brand awareness projects are necessary for these new locations for at least 1-2 years after the move.

4 – Attracting Experienced Staff

Women business owners and executives understand the importance of attracting experienced staff. There are times when it is necessary to relocate yourself in order to recruit the people that you need. These locations generally go through a fair amount of vetting before they are selected. Employment opportunities, education, and business expansion are just a few of these considerations.

Some women will choose to relocate in order to pursue a new market in their fields. This may not be a company assignment but a different sort of opportunity. Single women are more likely to participate in these relocations. Married women, however, also play an active role in relocating to advance businesses and their individual careers. Changes in family dynamics and roles make this possible for these women.

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