Top 5 Latest Cloudtech News

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Cloud tech is becoming increasingly important in the world due to how much people rely on the cloud these days. The Cloud really is at the center of a huge number of breakthroughs. Here’s some information about some of the top stories related to this topic.

1. A.I Marketing on the Rise

There are several charts out there now that show how using cloud computing with A.I. is allowing interesting marketing techniques to arise. Cloud technology is enabling A.I. to read through patterns of behavior among consumers in a way humans would have no chance of doing. These sales cycles show marketers how to put their ads where they need to be in order to have the most mass appeal possible.

2. The Cloud Is Revolutionizing the Financial Services

One of the upshots of this news is that anyone who works within financial services will likely have additional pressure on them to make sure that they are adding something useful that isn’t just done better by automation through the cloud. Cloud-based options can quickly calculate what sorts of choices people or organizations should make about their finances. This could mean whether to buy a stock or not, what sorts of bank types should be used or a hundred other things.

3. Manufacturing is Also Automating Through the Cloud

Another example of this effect that’s happening in 2019 with the cloud is through the manufacturing industry. This is making automation through manufacturing much quicker than it was previously as well. An example includes car manufacturers that can test new ideas quickly without having to invest very much upfront. They can use economies of scale to scale up an idea that they have proved is workable through the public cloud.

4. Data Center Sustainability

Another important trend when it comes to cloud tech is making the data centers that support cloud tech more sustainable. This is done in a variety of different ways. For example, it’s possible to power these huge centers with more green energy, such as something from wind turbines, hydropower, geological energy and several other things. On top of that, engineers also continually find ways to reduce how much power it takes to keep the data centers online with huge amounts. Many have their goal of reducing the full amount by as much as 40% over the next 10 years.

5. The 100% Uptime Dream

Many data centers are continually moving towards providing a cloud service that is always up at all times. The dream is to try to keep their uptime rate at that elusive 100%. Obviously, this is mostly impossible at the moment, but it is true that people are moving toward it more and more. One of the reasons for this is the fact that companies lose as much as a hundred thousand dollars an hour for every hour of downtime where the cloud isn’t accessible. This is why there’s so much movement on the cloud tech for backups and pushing that 99% up.

Overall, the news coming from the cloud indicates a bright future. This is because of increased sustainability and more powerful tech. However, it’s also due to the increased innovation.

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