Top 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Effective

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Digital marketers build campaigns by using a variety of tactics. Since no campaign is alike, some campaigns depend heavily on email marketing while others might lean toward social media marketing. For business-to-business marketing, email marketing remains a vital tool in lead generation and sales. Here are the top five reasons why email marketing is not dead.

1. People Still Use Email, A Lot

Despite a multitude of communication options people still click on their email messages. Social sharing, text reminders and ad banners blend into a sea of noise, but email remains a safe place where consumers take their time and read their messages. As recently as 2018, data showed that email marketing ranks the highest among media marketing channels.

2. The Recipient Retains Control

Email marketing has an advantage over other channels because it has been around for the longest amount of time. Over the past few decades, email marketers have learned from their successes and failures. For example, marketers know that offering an unsubscribe button is a valuable tool when it comes to building trust with consumers and leads. Offering content options and frequency of emails is another way that email marketing strategies appeal to recipients.

3. Marketers Gauge Customer Behavior and Preferences

Big data is the flip side of recipient control. Gathering information on the time of day certain clients open their emails, which emails they forward and which subject lines result in the highest number of open rates yield valuable information that can inform future campaigns. Gauging customer preferences and behaviors through low-cost email marketing results in targeted campaigns built around segmented lists, which is a highly effective email marketing strategy.

4. Sales Close Quickly on Leads

Marketing teams create content based on customer and client preferences. By leveraging the value of list segmentation and personalized data collection these marketing efforts help sales teams identify high quality leads. Decision-makers are identified, their needs are specified and sales teams can get the best information into the right hands at the right time and close the deal.

5. Businesses Increase Their Visibility and Value

Email marketing is the anchor holding any marketing campaign in place. It isn’t a standalone project. Successful email marketing campaigns incorporate brand consistency across all channels. They also make use of integration tools by incorporating calendars, music, video and images that cater to their demographic’s lifestyle and needs.

Email marketing and content marketing are closely linked. When marketers deliver valueable content to those who seek it, then marketers have hit gold. They have found the sweet spot that all marketers aspire to locate. Email marketing and the consumer data it generates offers a powerful map to high conversion rates and ROIs.

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