Top 5 Signs of Hearing Loss

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When a person loses their ability to hear, it can be a very difficult situation to experience. The truth is that we all take our hearing for granted until it goes away. If you want to protect your hearing, then you should know about the top 5 signs of hearing loss.

Muffled Speech

When a person hears muffled speech, it is one of the biggest clues that something is wrong with their hearing. The Mayo Clinic states that when people hear muffled speech, they generally have some type of hearing loss. A person will need to see an audiologist or some other type of hearing specialists to determine the cause.

You Constantly Ask People to Repeat Themselves

People with good hearing can decipher sounds even in areas where the noise level is extremely high. However, if you are holding a conversation with a person next to you and you’re having difficulty hearing them; this could be a sign of hearing loss. The Cleveland Clinic encourages people to have their hearing checked out if they encounter this problem.

Do you always have to turn up the volume on your TV or radio?

This symptom of hearing loss can be very tricky. Sometimes, a person will have turn up their radio or TV because the sound is too low. It doesn’t necessarily mean their hearing is bad. However, if you have to turn up the volume on these electronic devices near its maximum sound level; you probably have a hearing problem. You should have your hearing checked to make sure nothing is wrong.

Trouble with Detecting Consonants

Consonants are letters of the alphabet that are not vowels. When they’re spoken in a conversation, they have a high frequency. What does this have to do with hearing. If you can no longer decipher consonants as they’re being spoken, then your hearing might be off. Once again, a hearing specialist will help to determine if you have hearing loss or not.

Withdrawing from and Avoiding Conversations

When a person constantly withdraws from a conversation or suddenly starts to avoid them, they generally experience hearing loss. Hearing loss impacts how a person socializes and gets involved with other people. Most people suffering from hearing loss start to view socialization and interacting with other people as a big hassle. They will usually try to avoid these experiences.

Once your hearing fades, it will be hard for you to communicate and interact with others. Many people don’t value their hearing and if they lose it; it will create difficulty in their life. If you suspect hearing loss, immediately visit an audiologist to figure out if hearing loss has taken place.

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