Top 7 Uses of Gabion Walls

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What is a Gabion Wall? Gabion comes from the Italian word “gabbione” meaning “big cage”. A Gabion wall is a a large container filled with rocks, sand, concrete, for landscaping, military applications, and road building. They are also used to prevent erosion, to prevent floods, and for fish screening, just to name a few. We will discuss the top seven uses below.

1. Flood prevention. As floodwalls, they work by re-directing the energy from the water while also being able to drain it. In other words, they re-direct the flow by separating the excess from the amount of water that actually needs to be there. As a result, Gabion walls are capable of preventing thousands, if not billions of dollars of flood damage.

2. Garden fences and building protection. Gabion cages make great fences because they don’t have to be cut or trimmed. They are also very sturdy and keep out would-be intruders. They can also be used with granite or wooden elements. As a result, they work well with wooden fences.

3. Gabion walls also make natural ventilation providers. They provide passive cooling by absorbing heat. When they do, it allows for coolness to go through.

4. Erosion prevention. When floods occur, they also tend to significantly erode the bank soil. Gabion are a green solution that help to prevent soil scouring. They also acts as blocks for river flow stabilization. They also can’t be washed away.

5. Various other small garden uses. Gabion walls can be used to provide small spaces for a campfire, pond surrounds, and planters. Since they are so good for acting as an upholding foundation, they can be used for just about any major outdoor purposes. The fact that they’re very eco-friendly is a real bonus, too.

6. They can be used to provide seating or shelves in a park area. It is very easy to do. All that is needed is a thick layer of concrete. That is basically all that’s needed to store food or other materials on or to just sit and rest.

7. Garden aesthetics. Last but not least, Gabion walls help to make a landscape appear natural as well as beautiful. They can make a building appear connected to the landscape by being placed right on the outside wall. Even better, the Gabion material doesn’t even have to be transported. They are often made from local material.

Gabion walls are a multi-purpose outdoor green solution. They help to prevent billions of dollars in flooding, keep out criminals, and make great cooling structures. They will probably not be going out of style any time soon.

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