Your Guide to Finding The Proper Laboratory Chairs

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Many jobs require a chair, and working in a laboratory is no different. Finding the right chair is necessary to ensure proper body alignment, which can help catalyze higher work productivity. This list will provide you with all the right characteristics you should consider when seeking a perfect chair in a laboratory environment.

1. As with most laboratory conditions, there will be possible chemical spills or accidents. It’s essential to select a chair that is covered with proper material that can be easily cleaned up. Polyurethane material is quite easy to clean. In some cases, vinyl or cloth cover can also be suitable.

2. You first want to measure the height of the work surface. Knowing this measurement will help you determine the best height of the chair you require. Generally, you will want your chair to be around 10 – 15 inches shorter than the work surface. Many chairs can be raised or lowered, but make sure they can be raised or lowered at a comfortable height in relation to the work surface. You also want to make sure an average person will be able to have their feet rest on the floor. If the work station happens to be high, chose a chair that offers a foot ring or footrest.

3. Do not forget to consider a person’s knees and their relationship to the work area. You want to make sure a person’s knees will have plenty of clearance under any work table or space.

4. Consider whether a vast amount of time will be spent leaning forward. Learning forward is common if a person is using a microscope or leaning forward while using pipettes. Look for a chair that offers forward tilt.

5. You will want to look for a chair that features an adjustable back that supports the lumbar area. It’s essential to support the back while in a seated position to prevent someone from slouching. A chair that does not offer proper back support will potentially cause spasms.

6. Finally, you might want to consider the visual aesthetics. Colors are an excellent way to accent the work environment. It will all depend on what you prefer. You may desire a monochromatic look, or you may opt for different colors, which can provide a modern feel.

It’s important for a laboratory to furnish a proper chair. Being comfortable is a necessity that functions to assist workers to be productive and avoid injury. Use this guide to help you consider all the necessary characteristics for a comfortable chair inside a laboratory setting.

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